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Sunshine Coast local leading the sustainable farming revolution
Nutri-Tech's innovative soil technologies offer a chemical free, sustainable alternative to agriculture giants and home gardeners ...

Tags: Innovation, Food & Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship,

How the Sunshine Coast became a launch pad for Open Insurance
The Sunshine Coast is regarded as a national hub for entrepreneurs and is home to innovative, knowledge-based businesses like ...

Tags: Innovation, Knowledge Industries & Professional Services, Entrepreneurship

Sunshine Coast accelerator helps health tech businesses go global
The SunRamp Health Technology Accelerator Program giving Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs the right tools to scale their businesses ...

Tags: Innovation, Health & Wellbeing, HVIs,

Ambrose Building 275% faster with automation technology
Ambrose Building manages upwards of 15,000 property repair claims for Queenslanders each year and relies on its custom software ...

Tags: Innovation, Knowledge Industries & Professional Services, Ambrose Building

Sunshine Coast pathway to medical career
Sunshine Coast has a growing reputation for innovation in medical & allied health solutions. With USC, Sunshine Coast University ...

Tags: Health & Wellbeing, Education & Research, Health

Sunshine Coast's data cable giving Aussie gamers a competitive edge
In esports, the distance between the gamer & the host server is critical to their performance. By routing traffic through the ...

Tags: Submarine Cable, SCIBN, esports

Sunshine Coast On The World Business Map - Ozzi Kleen
Sunshine Coast's own Ozzi Kleen are putting the region on the world business map with their commercial sewage treatment & water ...

Tags: Innovation

Australian first waste technology goes live
Sunshine Coast Council has switched on Maroochydore’s new automated waste collection system which transports rubbish underground ...

Tags: Innovation, Infrastructure

State-of-the-art aerospace facility set for the Sunshine Coast
World-leading Sunshine Coast aerospace company, HeliMods is set to expand its capabilities with the announcement of a new ...

Tags: Innovation, Aviation & Aerospace

World-first milk technology developed on the Sunshine Coast
We look at Sunshine Coast based milk producer, Naturo, inventor of the Haelen method - a breakthrough in milk production that ...

Tags: Innovation, Food & Agribusiness

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