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Australia's connected coast.






Smart city takes shape with fast data landing.

The Sunshine Coast is one step closer to providing Australia's fastest east coast data connection to Asia and the second fastest to the United States.

The international broadband submarine cable landed at Maroochydore on 23 December 2019 and should be become fully operational by mid-2020.

The cable will deliver faster and cheaper data and provide operators in the region the capacity to accommodate large-scale data needs.

The Sunshine Coast is already home to a network of innovative, tech-savvy businesses and the new high-speed connectivity is expected to give data intensive companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft a reason to consider the region for Australian operations.

Stimulating innovation

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most dynamic locations for new food and agribusiness investment. It is home to more than 900 agribusinesses producing a wide range of products, from seafood and strawberries to plant nurseries and dairy.

The cable is expected to fuel further innovation in this sector, including the use of AI, sensory technology in farming and better tracking of production and waste.

Other data dependant industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, digital media and creative technologies are expected to be drawn to the Sunshine Coast’s offering of data capability plus business and lifestyle advantages.

The cable also opens the door for tech-based businesses to consider the Sunshine Coast as the location for their video and film production, animation, 3D modelling, interactive design, eSports and more.

City to come alive

An increase in data reliability and faster connection is also set to broaden the events and entertainment sector, creating new cultural experiences for Sunshine Coast residents and establishing new opportunities for local tourism operators.

A great place to live and work

The Sunshine Coast is already known as one of Australia’s top holiday destinations.

As a place to live and work, it’s also one of the envies of the nation.

  • Queensland’s 3rd largest city
  • Continued economic and employment growth
  • 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Perfect work-life harmony
  • Award-winning universities
  • Highly educated workforce
  • World-class health services
  • 52km of open coastline
  • 13,000km of water courses
  • 39,835 hectares of national parks, state forests and reserves
  • 1800 local events annually

As investment in the region continues to grow, residents are benefiting from diverse employment opportunities matched with a thriving lifestyle and economy.

The Sunshine Coast economy is on a growth trajectory that is set to reach $33 billion by 2033.

Already, $12.5 million in infrastructure investment is underway and the region was named one of the world’s Top7 Intelligent Communities in 2019 and a Smart21 Community for six of the last seven years.

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Watch the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network video. 

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