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Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is one of those people who has done a lot in a lifetime. And there’s plenty more to come from this innovator and entrepreneur, who chooses to call the Sunshine Coast home.

When Stephanie Moroz was tempted into the CEO role at Nano-Nouvelle, her only concern was the regional location. After just one day on the Sunshine Coast, she realised there was nowhere better in the world to live and work.

Will Shrapnel

When you work in aerospace engineering, there’s no room for error. As founder of helicopter modification company HeliMods, Will Shrapnel feels as confident in his choice of business location as he does in his team of skilled engineers and advanced technology workers.

Food Matters

Food Matters co-founder James Colquhoun considered London, LA and Sydney for his HQ. It was only after really focussing on his most important business values, that he realised his childhood held all the secrets.

Oli Steele

For hospital CEO Oli Steele, a major indicator of the Sunshine Coast’s maturity as a region has been the construction of an international-standard health precinct, including two new hospitals.

What could herbs and creativity have in common? Jacqui Wilson-Smith has proven it’s everything. She’s also proven the Sunshine Coast is the place to do it.